Proud to be Brazilian.

Multiflon is a reference in the production of cookware in pure aluminum with non-stick coating. We offer over 390 items designed for the professional market and domestic use, distributed throughout Brazil and exported to more than 15 countries.

Every new item and collection is the result of an extensive global research regarding technology functionality, trends, and style. The final product is, therefore, brought to our customer’s everyday life.

Multiflon applies its own non-stick coatings technology on its products, which has been developed in partnership with Italian suppliers.

More than 390 options.

For professional or amateur chefs.
They have been all designed for
you to reveal your talent.

Know-how Multiflon

Knowledge acquired through passion, study, experience and the understanding of our customers' needs.

Multiflon follows the European quality standards, since in Brazil there is still no regulation for the segment. This guarantees the quality and the innovation to its products, which meets all the needs of any kitchen, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

The Multiflon coatings have the PFOA Free label, which ensures you to bring home high-quality products with no risks to your health.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle in the philosophy of the company. Multiflon is the first company, and still one of the few in the country, not to use chemical abrasion as part of its manufacturing process.

The company is also ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees its quality management since 2010.

Multiflon was certified in 2010 for its projects, development and manufacturing of non-stick coated aluminum cooking products.

Multiflon around the world.

Attention and action, making sales experience a path to learning and creativity.

To stay tuned to what is trendy in the sector, Multiflon attends kitchenware tradeshows and exhibitions taking place either in Brazil or abroad.

Staying close to our distribution partners is of fundamental importance according to our propositions.

The results of these encounters are held with respect by our staff, paying close attention to the distinctive information they have about our customers. This important data is used, to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Multiflon on the shelf.

Carefully designed, so you can quickly find the products you are looking for.

Multiflon invests gradually in marketing communication to affirm the company’s value proposition. We want to deliver exactly what we promise. To be respected by our partners and to earn the loyalty of our customers.

Multiflon provides full assistance to its retailers. Helping them choose what is best regarding product displaying and providing them with merchandising material.

Multiflon is a customer-oriented company. All its accomplishments are the outcome of that strategy. Full commitment to the society, environment, and authenticity, translates the company’s philosophy.