Meet the Multiflon

A company proud to be Brazilian.

Multiflon is a reference in the production of Pots, Frying Pans and Utensils for Oven and Stove, in pure aluminum, with non-stick coating. There are 390 items aimed at the professional and domestic market, distributed throughout Brazil and in more than 15 countries.

Each new item and each new collection of products brings to the daily lives of Multiflon consumers the result of much technological research and worldwide trends in functionality and style. Multiflon applies nonstick coatings with its own technology to its products, developed in partnership with Italian suppliers.

  • More than 390 options.
  • For professional or amateur chefs.
  • European quality standards
  • PFOA Free (No health risks)
  • We do not use chemical abrasion processes
  • It also meets the requirements of ISO 9001

+ 390 options in kitchen items

Multiflon follows European quality standards, since in Brazil there is still no regulation for the segment. This guarantees the quality and innovation of its product line, which meets all the needs of a kitchen, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Multiflon coatings receive the PFOA Free seal, which guarantees you the certainty of taking home high quality products and without risks to your health.

Respect for the environment is a fundamental principle in the company's philosophy. The industry is the first and, still today, one of the only ones in the country not to use chemical abrasion processes in its manufacturing process.

The company also meets the requirements of ISO 9001, a certification that attests to its Quality Management since 2010.

Multiflon was certified, in 2010, for the design, development, manufacture and commercialization of cooking products, in aluminum with non-stick coating.

Multiflon in the world.

Attention and action, making the sales experience a path of learning and creativity.

In order to keep up to date and seek the new within its sector of activity, Multiflon makes a point of being present at the Fairs and Expositions of Household Utilities held in Brazil and abroad.

The company considers it of fundamental importance to be in direct contact with its customers, increasingly promoting their approach and interaction.

The results of these meetings are received with respect by our entire team and are considered valuable information, which allows us to better understand the wishes of the public that chooses Multiflon.

Multiflon in the world.

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