Stainless Grill

Category: Profissional Ref: 990007
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Reference Product Thickness (mm) Capacity (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Diameter (Ø) Height (cm) Bulge Height (cm) Master Box (un) EAN code
990007 GRELHA INOX GN 1/1 0,47 0,00 53 33 0 9 0,00 4 7896398334857
Reference 990007
Product GRELHA INOX GN 1/1
Thickness (mm) 0,47
Capacity (l) 0,00
Length (cm) 53
Width (cm) 33
Diameter (Ø) 0
Height (cm) 9
Bulge Height (cm) 0,00
Master Box (un) 4
EAN code 7896398334857

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Ricardo Cunha
Tenho interesse em adquirir, favor adicionar ao orcamento custo de envio para Florianopolis/SC

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